Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well, of course it has been way too long again! I don't even know where to start so i am going try to keep it short.

No job yet so i filed for unemployment last week. I should be getting paid from July 12th. This is feels good, so that we wont have to eat breadcrumbs in the coming months.. :) But i really really hope i will find a job very soon, i am getting bored just to think about sitting home all day.

Thomas is enjoying his summer. We met up with a coffee shop around the corner the other day and they really liked his work, so he will be in the next art walk! This will be in August. A great change to get his name out and hopefully make some money!

Another big thing that happened is that we have been talking more and more about moving back to Holland! We getting pretty excited about it! We are looking into what we need for him to be able to work and how we are going to move. It all sounds pretty stressful Especially when it comes to our kitties! They are definitely coming with us!

Hmmm. What else...

Ah! Last night! We had a great 4th July party at our house. Things got kind of crazy! :) In a good way of course! Photo's soon.

Well and then tomorrow... thats when we start our roadtrip! We are sooooooooooo excited!! First stop is Boerne, TX. We will be camping there. And visiting Fredericksburg hopefully. Then on to El Paso, TX for one night. Early in the morning on to Sedona, AZ and staying with family. Beautiful place 3 hours from the Grand Canyon... Which is our next stop! For 2 nights, camping. Lots of hiking and seeing the sunsets. Then on to VEGAS baby!!! (after a stop at Hoover Dam!) Just one night, but we will enjoy it the whole 24hrs! We will be staying at the Paris Hotel! Next morning on to Arches NP, AT. We will be staying in Moab, close to the NP. Just a night, and camping again. The next day, on to Granby, CO, camping and visiting surrounding towns and hiking. Then its time for... Trail Ridge Road!! VERY exciting, that one! At the end of the trail is Estes Park, where we will camp again for one night. Then north to Caper, WY. Staying in a motel there before driving on to the Black Hills in South Dakota. We will be staying in the First Gold Hotel in Deadwood. Lots of sightseeing! Next day we will visit Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse! Then a quick overnight in a Chamberlain motel before arriving in Sioux Falls. Then on to Omaha. Sightseeing, finally a big city again! Staying in motel. Driving more south to Wichita, KS, where we were over Springbreak. Staying with Justin, a friend of Thomas. Last stop is Dallas, and of course staying with Kelley and Daniel. Then 5 more hours and home!

I am taking my laptop but doubt i'll have time, but i will do my best, to update this blog.

We are available for calls of course, but there are a areas where i doubt we will have reception.


El Paso, TX