Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'm getting more slack at this! Last time i wrote, we had Sasja coming over.

We had a great time with her. Showed her around and helped her find people to tell their stories about the hurricane. We also had a fun night out at the gay bar around the corner! She left the end of April. Betsy also moved out 2 days after. So we had the whole place to ourselves again. It was really nice having Betsy so i miss her!

Work has been same old. Right now i work 2 days at Thomas' school for an associate principal in the hopes of getting a job. The other 3 days I'm at my school. The new principal and his secretary have now also moved in the school so its definitely getting busier! I am also taking all my personals and holidays before June 30th!

Our road trip is pretty much set. We are SO excited! We leave July 6th! Soon I'll post the itinerary!

Last week we wend to the movie night around the corner. We brought some chairs and beer and sat with our friends watching ET. Its every 2nd sat of the month!

Next week we are going up to Thomas' college town, Commerce. We are going to a surprise birthday party! It will be at a house with a big yard, where we will camp out! I'm excited!

5th of May is a mexican holiday; Cinco the Mayo. We celebrated the heritage at school. The high school Mexican Dance Team came over to perform!

This weekend we got our first day out in the sun! We walked to the beach with Gary (high school friend) and Carlos and they all swam. I stayed dry and took some pics.
I got a SLIGHT change of color on my skin, but nothing to really care for! :)

I think that's it for now!


Mexican Dance Team

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