Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its cold!

Again over a month has gone by since i last wrote. I gues we all need to accept that is more of a monthly update. I really don't do much during the day, but a lot has happened though.

My mom and friend Lotte have been to visit. It was so nice to spend time with some dutchies. My mom had brought of course some dutch food. So got to enjoy that. We went to New Orleans which was a good time and did just our daily stuff. It was also halloween, they got to see that crazy season here. I'll be posting the photo's later.

Halloween we had a party. I dressed up as a flapper and thomas had his scary mask from last year. It was also biker rally right outside our door. The party was a success. Everyone dressed up. You'll frind those photo's too in the bottom of this post.

Then we wend on our cruise! I had given Thomas a cruise for his birthday as a surprise. Our friends Gary and Carlos came with us. Nov 14th it was finally time. This also happened to be Thomas' birthday! (Thanks for all the birthday wishes!) We got on board really fast since we know one of the ladies that work there. She saved us about 2 hours of waiting! We had cabins next to eachother. That day and the next were on the boat while cruising to Cozumel. We got there and took a taxi to Chankanab NP where were had a 1pm appointment with dolphins! :) I had been at this exact beach with my family 10 years prior, but a huricane 4 years ago had destroyed the area completely so it was a little different. We parked ourselves on some beach chairs and went snorkeling. A first for Thomas who would not get out of the water and therefore got a nice big sunburn. But at 1pm it was time! We got this for our birthdays from my mom. An hour with dolphins! We were so lucky, we were the only ones! No other stupid tourist in our group, just me and thomas. We got to kiss him, hug him, touch him, do a belly ride, be pushed by our feet by him, learned so much about them. It was so so cool! We got to make it do tricks, give it commands. What a beautiful animal.
After this we were totally sunburned so we decided to go back to the ship. (after i bought a really cute green dress) The next day we arrived in Progreso. A small undeveloped port. Everyone really does excursions from here. And so did we, Chichen Itza, we got this from my dad for our birthdays! I had been here before also, but this time it was much better. Mostly i was more interested in everything. We had a great guide. Thomas absolutely loved it of course. So a great day!
The next day was at sea again we mostly relaxed. The day after we arrived in the morning and were home by 10am. We live 2 blocks from the harbor :) Of course we did so much more, but thats what the photo's are for.
We had a great time, im so glad we did this!

Next week is Thanksgiving. Like other years we'll be going to the Houston area to meet with Thomas' family. After wards to Gary and Carlos most likely. Then its Sinterklaas and we'll be celebrating it too! On Dec 4th we'll be putting our shoe by the fireplace and hopefully by the morning we'll find something in it! Thst same weekend its Dickens On The Strand. A annual celebration here in Galveston, where people dress up and theres food and performances everywhere. Then i'll be annoying thomas about a xmas tree! Im getting very excited!

Here the photo's!

Cruise to MEXICO



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